Speech and Language Pathologist/Therapist

إعلان مجاني ( إقرأ التحذير أولا)

تاريخ النشر ١١ نوفمبر ٢٠١٩
المكان الإمارات
نوع الوظيفة Full Time
المؤهل التعليمي Bachelors Degree
The Role

We are seeking a Speech Pathologist with experience in a school setting who has a passion for learning and supporting students and their families. The position requires travelling between 2-3 schools/nurseries.


- Highly developed organisational skills
- Strong time managment skills
- Ability to prioritise and manage a busy caseload
- Good interpersonal Skills
- Strong sense of team work
- Ability to work collaboratively
- Experience with paediatric caseload

- To conduct assessment and therapy of students in the school setting, including communication skills including receptive language, expressive language and pragmatic skills.
- To work co-operatively with other staff in sharing case load and departmental responsibilities as required.
- To provide written and verbal feedback/reports on assessments of students.
- To work collaboratively with teaching staff and parents to develop and work towards achieving students' appropriate speech, language and communication goals.
- To provide feedback as required to parents regarding their child's therapy session wise.
- To provide individual, group and consultative speech therapy programs within the school environment as part of the multi-disciplinary team.
- To liaise with professionals from associated agencies as required for ongoing management or student referral.

- A valid DHA License or DHA eligibility letter.
- Atleast 2 years work experience with a paediatric caseload.
- Professional Proficiency in English